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Wurth Black Self Etch Primer


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Black Self Etch Primer Self Etch Primers provide the first step in priming bare metals. Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on all sheet metal. Ideal for aluminum, steel, and most other metals. Perfect for refinishing or spot repair projects. Features Promotes maximum adhesion and smoothness of paint, primers or top coat Corrosion resistant Quick-dry formula Easy application Compatible with most primers Available in black, green or grey aerosol cans Helpful Tips Apply 2-3 light coats to bare metal that has been thoroughly cleaned Allow 5 minutes between coats Dry to touch, minimum 15 minutes Material can be top coated and/or sanded within 2 hours — this is important for maximum adhesion of primer substrate Wait 1 hour before top coating For maximum adhesion of primer substrate top coat within 2 hours Always prime with any 1K or 2K primers prior to applying to any seam sealers or fillers

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